SAMPHIRE the new superfood


Alive alive ho…..Sunday simmering….Cockles (not from Indonesia), samphire, red chillies, drizzle of truffle oil, sprinkle of sea flakes (Laughing Oyster) and smidgen of garlic.

Method: Just toss the entire lot in a deep saute pan -ready in less then 20 minutes!

Samphire is the new superfood even tho it has been around for centuries and is even mentioned in Shakespeare King Lear…..Half way down……hangs one that gathers samphire, dreadful trade!

Samphire on its own is like sea water on your lips! It is high in A, B & C & folic acid. Due to the A content not to be consumed if pregnant/breastfeeding. Samphire is a liver cleanser, aids digestion, eases kidney complaints and improves muscle tone amongst other benefits.

You can purchase 800g of cockles for €21 in Quinlans Killarney. Quinlans fishmonger is just off the road on the right opp Aldi before Deerpark shopping centre they also sell samphire.

Samphire can also be purchased from the Olive market stall in Castletownbere.

Without sounding bias it’s delicious