Get Rooted for Autumn

Get Rooted and Ready for Autumn  This recipe and information about Autumn in Chinese medicine can be found on Beara Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine from Autumn 2014 Fresh Horseradish Tumeric Ginger Garlic Brown Mustard Seeds Yellow Mustard Seeds Kombu Irish Organic Seaweed Fresh Ground Black Pepper (Catalyst for tumeric) Laughing Oyster (Bere Island) Dried fresh Seaweed Pinch Unfiltered Apple Cider… Read more →

Seaweed Salt Scrub

Did you know that all Neals Yard Remedies scrubs and exfoliators are mircoplastic free!

Stimulates and tones for fresh, smooth skin.

A detoxifying and exfoliating body scrub with an invigorating blend of black pepper, grapefruit and ginger essential oils to tone the skin combined with a mineral-rich seaweed infusion.



Rose Geranium Body Polish

Smoothes and nurtures for beautifully soft skin.

Gently exfoliating argan shell and rice powders are combined with skin enriching shea nut butter, moisturising soya and coconut oils, and an aromatherapy blend of precious rose otto, geranium and ylang ylang to soften, nurture and smooth the skin.


No micro plastics are used in Neals Yard Remedies



SAMPHIRE the new superfood

Alive alive ho…..Sunday simmering….Cockles (not from Indonesia), samphire, red chillies, drizzle of truffle oil, sprinkle of sea flakes (Laughing Oyster) and smidgen of garlic. Method: Just toss the entire lot in a deep saute pan -ready in less then 20 minutes! Samphire is the new superfood even tho it has been around for centuries and is even mentioned in Shakespeare… Read more →