Get Rooted for Autumn

Get Rooted and Ready for Autumn 

This recipe and information about Autumn in Chinese medicine can be found on Beara Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine from Autumn 2014

Fresh Horseradish




Brown Mustard Seeds

Yellow Mustard Seeds

Kombu Irish Organic Seaweed

Fresh Ground Black Pepper (Catalyst for tumeric)

Laughing Oyster (Bere Island) Dried fresh Seaweed

Pinch Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother”

Airtight Storage Jar


The Secret!

Chop with the skin on: Tumeric, Horseradish & Ginger

Peel a whole Bulb of Garlic

Shake the vinger bottle to gently wake the Mother up! Pour the vinegar into the jars

Add the the yellow and brown mustard seeds

Add the Seaweed


Add the Black Pepper


Pop in the Tumeric, Ginger, Horseradish & Garlic into the jar

Sprinkle of Laughing Oyster Seaweed


Sprinkle of Ground Black Pepper

Closed the lid

Stir and strain in a month

Pour into brown bottles which can be purchased as usual from Taste Castletownbere


Take 2tsp neat or into hot water throughout the Autumn  or all year

*Please note*

If on medication check with your GP as some ingredients can interfere with prescribed medication

Do not take if pregnant

Or if you have ulcers

Avoid turmeric if you are on blood thinning medication or going for surgery -natural blood thinner


All the ingredients will help strengthen your immune system and ward off bugs.

I prefer purple clove garlic more potent ( Fallon & Byrne Food Hall), let the cloves stand so the allicin which is the compound found in garlic becomes stronger.

You can purchase the tumeric in Organico & English Market. Horseradish Fallon & Byrne Dublin and English Market. Organic ginger -Taste Castletwonbere. This time I decided to use Biona cider vinegar from Supervalu instead of the famous Braggs which is my number one.


Mustard is an excellent source of selenium, a nutrient which that has been shown to help reduce the severity of asthma, decrease some of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and help prevent cancer. Mustard is also a good source of magnesium. Like selenium, magnesium has also been shown to help reduce the severity of asthma and to lower high blood pressure, to restore normal sleep patterns in women having difficulty with the symptoms of menopause, to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, and to prevent heart attack in patients suffering from atherosclerosis or diabetic heart disease.

Mustard seeds are a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids and manganese as well as a good source of phosphorus, copper, and vitamin B1.

Yellow mustard seeds (also called white) are the mildest, while brown and black seeds much hotter and more pungent.

I purchased the jars in Heatons in Ballincollig